Installation supports the core functionality of abmarl, such as the agent based simuluation and the GridWorldSimluation Framework, and the external functionality with support for packages like RLlib.

User Installation

You can install abmarl via pip. Specifying rllib or open-spiel will install the dependencies necessary for using those packages with Abmarl. If neither is specified, then only the core Abmarl features will be installed.

Install just Abmarl’s core functionality with

pip install abmarl

Add extra packages for integration with RLlib or Open Spiel with

pip install abmarl[rllib]
pip install abmarl[open-spiel]

Developer Installation

To install Abmarl for development, first clone the repository and then install via pip’s development mode.

git clone
cd abmarl
pip install -r requirements/requirements_all.txt
pip install -e . --no-deps

You can pick among requirements_{all, core, dev, workflow}.txt when installing dependencies.


If you are using conda to manage your virtual environment, then you must also install ffmpeg.